Hi, my name is Kim. I am a wife and mother of 5 who has lived in Tauranga for 20 years.  I have been interested in colour and clothing since my 20’s.  One day at work I was asked by someone if I was feeling ok, and told by another that the colour top I was wearing (which was mustard) looked awful on me.  I knew the colour wasn’t right, and didn’t feel amazing in it but for other people to notice really impacted me. From that day on I began to think more about colour and how I looked and felt in my clothing.  Not long after that I decided to get a colour analysis done through Colour Me Beautiful. This changed my life! Seeing how the right colours made me look and feel was amazing.  I found out that mustard was one of my worst colours and that I am a soft summer, who suits muted, cool and soft colours, summer blending with autumn. For someone who used to wear a lot of black I have now embraced colour and love it!  

In March 2021 I became a certified Colour Me Beautiful Colour Consultant, and am passionate about helping my clients look and feel good about themselves, and show them how they can shine in their colours!